Pousada dos Veleiros is located in Praia Grande, next to Nova Almeida and 35 km from Vitoria Airport. Our strategic location allows quick access to many tourist spots that are worth exploring.

Nova Almeida, which is a few minutes from the lodge, is the home of Church of Reis Magos, Jesuits 1560’s architectonic patrimony where our guests can watch the sunsets from the Reis Magos Belvedere, eat a traditional quindim (egg yolk and coconut brazilian dessert) near Praça dos Pescadores, or enjoy the hectic nightlife during summer.

10 minutes from the inn is located the Mangrove Swamp of Piraqueaçu (sixth largest in size of Brazil) We suggest a boat trip by Rio Piraqueaçu, to get to know some of the marine biology of the region.

Following the coast to the north, a trip of an hour and we find the base of the Tamar Project, at Regencia.

The climate in the region of the coast is tropical-wet and is characterized by high temperatures throughout the year and average above 22 ° C.

We suggest to our Sea and Mountain Tour a visit to the historic town of Santa Teresa, the first Italian colony in Brazil. About an hour trip amid the valleys of the Capixaba Mountains, surrounded by coffee fields, cattle ranches and stunning landscapes, our visitors can meet Mello Museum Leitão, have a delightful wine and pasta dinner in an Italian cantina, where average temperature of 10 ° C in winter nights give the finishing touch on climate and European atmosphere of the region.

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Suggested Sights:

  • Church of Reis Magos (Nova Almeida)
  • Goiapaba-açu Park (Fundão)
  • SESC Water Park (Aracruz)
  • Zen Buddhist monastery (Ibiraçu)
  • Museum of Biology Mello Leitão (Santa Tereza)
  • Schooner rides through Piraqueaçu River (Santa Cruz)
  • Tamar Project (Regência)
  • Paragliding in Marbella

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